CARRIED AWAY Fragrance Oil Type - 1 LB - DISCONTNUED - sale

CARRIED AWAY Fragrance Oil Type - You will love our version of this popular scent. Let LOVE grab you and sweep you off your feet!  This lively fragrance combines a splash of grapefruit, fresh lemon, and sugared yummy raspberry.  Add soothing tuberose, jasmine, purple freesia, and violet petals mixed with subtle hints of sandalwood and whipped vanilla musk.  Stocked in small quantity.

  • Excellent in soy and safe for bath and body
  • Vanillin Content - 0.1%
  • 200 Degree FP
  • Vegan Friendly

The majority of our Fragrance Oils are packed by weight.  Not volume. This is why you might have a bottle that appears to be "fuller" than another bottle.

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1 lb $22.95

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