MAGIC IN THE AIR Fragrance Oil Type - 1 LB

MAGIC IN THE AIR Fragrance Oil Type - We think you will love our version of this wonderful oil.  A fabulous blend of almond flower, white iris & whipped vanilla. Top Notes of Sparkling Persimmon, Winter Water Lily, White Iris, Pear Blossom; middle notes of Almond Flower, Coconut Crème, and Jasmine Petals.  Bottom notes of Whipped Vanilla Bourbon, Fluffy Sandalwood, Cloud-Like Musk.

  • Safe for bath and body! 
  • Excellent in soy and safe for bath and body.
  • ET Vanillin -
  • Vanillin -
  • 200 DEGREE FP
  • Vegan Friendly
1 lb $19.95
4 oz $10.95

1 Ounce Sample - $2.95

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