MAGNETISM by Escada Fragrance Oil Type - 1 LB

MAGNETISM by Escada Fragrance Oil Type - We have many requests for this oil, so I hope you all love it as much as we do.  This captivating and magnetizing fragrance evokes the power of attraction. It delights and attracts just like the woman who wears it.  This sophisticated, sweet and intense scent is built around rose and sensual vanilla which is both powerful and seductive. This scent conveys a feeling of energy. Pure and simple in its modern design, it is also multifaceted and ultra feminine. 

  • Excellent in soy and safe for bath and body
  • 200 Degree FP
  • Vanillin Content - 2.0%
  • ET Vanillin Content - 0%
  • Vegan Friendly
1 lb $19.95
4 oz $11.95

1 oz Sample $2.95

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