• All Fragrance sales are final.  Purchase sample or 4 oz sizes before ordering larger quantities for testing.

  • THE MAJORITY of our Fragrance Oils are packed by weight.  Not volume.
    This is why you might have a bottle that appears to be "fuller" than another bottle.

    Each oil is comprised of different raw materials and will weigh differently giving you a different fill line. 
    Some will look taller or shorter in the bottle depending on the weight of the oil. 
    Most citrus based oils
    will appear "fuller" in your bottles. 
    Please take a moment to weigh your bottles before you call,
    thinking you have been shorted. 
    Each bottle is individually weighed for complete accuracy.

    If it takes 3 days for your order to reach you by Ground/Home delivery, it takes those 3 days
    PLUS 3-4 additional days to arrive via Smart Post.

  • PLEASE carefully check your order before you hit the submit button.

    As soon as you place your order and receive your email receipt, your card has been charged and your order is placed.

  • Once an order is placed, it cannot be changed.

    TURN YOUR PHONE SIDEWAYS.  All cellphones are not created equal, you may need to adjust the position of your phone.

  • All Just Scent fragrance oils are manufactured in the USA.

  • All Just Scent fragrance oils are uncut and 100% concentrated. 

  • Each drum of fragrance oil delivered to Just Scent goes through complete testing and Quality Control.

  • Our fragrance oils comply with the strictest global RIFM and IFRA standards.

  • 1 LB Fragrance Oils equals 16 ounces.
  • LTD QTY means we are not restocking that particular oil and a limited supply is all we have available. 

  • Some oils with a lot of vanillin can "freeze" when stored or shipped in a cool
    environment and/or cold weather or even in cool air conditioning.  

    We are located in Ohio and the temps can get pretty low in the winter
    months; not to mention being on a cold truck for several days during shipping.
    The oil can look sludgy or it could have crystals in it.  It is the vanillin in the oil that has become cold. 
    Simply heat up a pan of water, remove the pan from the heat. Drop the entire bottle in the
    hot water and the vanillin will melt. Your oil is not compromised - just cold.

  • Just Scent fragrance oils are NOT tested on animals.

  • We can provide IFRA certificates and EU sheets for each of our fragrances. 
    You will note the links under the fragrance oil pictures that you can click and print.
    If for some reason you need one not listed, just ask.  We try to add new links daily.

  • The exact ingredients of fragrance oils are protected by trade secret laws. 

  • All Just Scent fragrance oils are packaged in phthalate-free, HDPE or PET plastic bottles. 
  • Never consume any of our fragrance oils.  Keep fragrance oils out of reach of children and pets.
  • Fragrance Oils are not manufactured to be used directly on your skin; they are manufactured to be
    used in some sort of application; candles, soaps, lotions, sprays, reed diffusers, perfumes, etc. 

  • Never judge a fragrance oil by merely sniffing out of bottle (OOB).
    Fragrance Oils are manufactured to be used in some sort of application. 
    They can and will smell totally different once they have been added to your application.

  • Our testing notes should never take the place of your own personal testing. 
    We do not take responsibility if your test results differ from our test results.
    Just Scent is not responsible for products you make with our supplies.

  • Allow your finished product time to "cure". 
    Let the fragrance oil have ample time to blend or bind with your desired application.

  • Fragrance oils that contain vanilla or vanillin may discolor your soap and bath and body products.
  • Some fragrance oils may thin your bath products; testing will help eliminate that problem.

  • If an oil is not specified in the description that is it PHTHALATE FREE, BATH AND BODY SAFE or VEGAN FRIENDLY, it is not.

  • Place your orders by 1 PM Monday through Thursday for same day shipping! 
    Orders placed after 1 PM Thursday, will ship the following Monday - unless it is a Holiday.

  • As a reminder - SMART POST Shipping is picked up by Fed Ex; tracked by Fed Ex
    but delivered by the Post Office (USPS).  It is a cheaper shipping option, but will take
    and additional 3-4 days longer than ground transit time to arrive.








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