SPA DELIGHT Fragrance Oil - 1 LB

JUST SCENT SPA DELIGHT - This complex blend of fruits, florals and musk is powerful yet understated.  Zesty top notes of peach, litsea and orange mingling with ozone.  Mid notes of classic jasmine, fragrant rose and ylang with a rich base of powder, musk and vanilla bring this fabulous oil to wonderful conclusion.  This oil is SPA-licious.  Super clean and fresh with a hint of sweetness! 

  • Excellent in soy
  • Safe for bath and body 
  • Vegan Friendly
  • 200 Degree FP
  • Vanillin/ET Vanillin Content - 0.54%

Tested in CP soap ~ 1oz ppo ~ mixing temp 100-110~Blended nicely~ No acceleration ~ No water discount - lt cream discolor.

1 lb $15.95
4 oz $9.95

1 oz Sample
1-14 units @ $2.85
15+ units @ $2.60

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SPA DELIGHT Fragrance Oil - 1 LB
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SPA DELIGHT Fragrance Oil - 1 LB
Strong; Perhaps too strong?
I'm a Massage Therapist of 10yrs, been making all the body products I use on my clients for about 9yrs. I'm always looking for "spa" aromas that are uni-sex or offer something different. This particular FO sounded intriguing but I worried about the Rose and Ylang neither of which I can tolerate. Went ahead and bought it anyway; this is a complex blend as stated, perhaps too perfumy for me anyway, is quite STRONG and a bit much for my nose which can handle a lot! I am definitely toning this down with something like Vanilla or Vanilla Sandalwood, maybe Buttercream or Whipped Cream - something mellow!! Then perhaps I'll be able to use in my body products. I think it will do lovely as it is in soap or room fresheners though. Without doubt, a LITTLE bit will go a LONG way!!