VELVET SUGAR Fragrance Oil Type - 1 LB

JUST SCENT VELVET SUGAR TYPE Fragrance Oil - You will love our version of this very popular type!  A sumptuous blend of red velvet crème and golden plum laced with a swirl of sugared musk, pink jasmine and wild strawberries.  Too much is never enough!  This oil is sweet and sexy.  Everyone loves this oil!

  • Excellent in soy and safe for bath and body  
  • 200 Degree FP
  • .09% ET Vanillin Content
  • 1.9% Vanillin Content
  • Vegan Friendly
1 lb $19.95
4 oz $10.95

1 oz Sample $2.95

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VELVET SUGAR Fragrance Oil Type - 1 LB
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VELVET SUGAR Fragrance Oil Type - 1 LB
Great scent!
I used this in cold process soap and it was wonderful to work with. No riding or acceleration, but it must have a pretty high vanilla content because it definitely dis colors. Now that I know that I can't take measures to prevent or minimize it. I love the's exactly like the BBW type! I used it in wax melts too....OMG.....yum!