Pumpkin and Oud Fragrance Oil 20239
This is a very distinct and unique pumpkin. A cozy blend of pumpkin with cinnamon, buttercream, vanilla, sandalwood, and rich, warm amber giving it a warm and luxurious scent. The rustic oud and patchouli bark gives it an intense woodsy note and the spices add a delicious warmth, sure to give your home a warm and cozy vibe. Sure to be a hit if you are looking for a totally different but totally amazing pumpkin scent.

Top notes of pumpkin seeds, cinnamon leaf and clove bud. Middle notes of sandalwood, rustic oud and buttercream. Bottom notes of vanilla bean, patchouli bark and Baltic amber.

Excellent in soy and safe for bath and body

Tested in CP soap ~ 1oz ppo ~ mixing temp 100-110 ~ No blending issues, no water discount ~ Turned orange when FO was added, cured to Medium dark discoloration

There is something amazing and magical about fragrances. A single scent has the ability to create an ambiance, trigger childhood memories, calm frazzled nerves and much, much more. Spa-type scents illicit feelings of relaxation and Zen, while the nurturing aromas make us feel warm, cozy and safe. You have the power to whisk your customers off to a sandy beach, or take them on a tropical vacation. With our exciting variety of fragrance oils linen sprays, reed diffusers and perfume base, you have the ability to elevate your product line to soaring new heights.

Flashpoint: 200°
Vanilla Content: 3.90%
Country Of Origin: United States
Phthalates: Product is Phthalate Free


International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI):

Common Name Ingredient Listing (FDA Approved):

Available Sizes:
$5.45 for 1 oz
$16.45 for 4 oz
$30.75 for 16 oz