Safe Sale Guarantee Program

We understand how frustrating it is to make a purchase only to see that some of the products go on a surprise sale the very next day. We don’t want you to have those negative feelings toward any purchases you make with us therefore we have developed a “Safe Sale Guarantee” Rebate Program.

If you ordered within 24 hours of a flash sale or not pre-announced surprise sale, simply call us and request a safe sale rebate reflecting the sale price of products purchased at regular price. Safe Sale Rebates are equal to the difference in price paid and the advertised sale price.

To be eligible for the Safe Sale Rebate, orders must be finalized and paid by end of the sale. This is not a refund or an account credit. This is a rebate and falls within those redemption rules. Rebates cannot be given for items returned or removed from an order. They may not be given for items that were purchased as a free sample. Therefore, rebates will be placed into the customer account 14 days after their order leaves our warehouse.

This program is designed to protect customers from surprise unannounced sales. Once the date and time of a sale or special is announced safe sale rebates are excluded from this program.

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