APPLE BERRY SPICE Fragrance Oil Type - 1 LB

A mouth watering blend of autumn favorites … juicy apples, sweet berries, and warm cinnamon.  This is a Best Seller all year!

  • Excellent in soy and safe for bath and body
  • 200 degree FP
  • Phthalate Free - Vegan Friendly
  • ET Vanillin - 0.08% - Vanillin - 1.80%

Tested in CP soap ~ 1oz ppo ~ mixing temp 100-110~Blended nicely, No acceleration - No water discount - no discolor.

  • FO that contain vanillin may discolor finished products.
  • SDS sheets contain vanillin range not specific content.
  • Not all FO are phthalate free; verify SDS sheet before purchase. 

FO sold by weight, not volume. Fill levels will vary. 

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1 lb $19.95
4 oz $10.95

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Average rating:
average rating 90%

ADD Your Review - Detailed reviews are more helpful. List the application used and how the product performed for you. | READ ALL REVIEWS


average rating 60%
CP soaping 12/05/2020
By Kevin-n-Michelle
1: Aroma is a wonderfully lovely holiday scent.
2. The scent is still strong after cure time.
3. Perfect apple and spice blend!
1. Accelerated trace.
2. Had moderate riceing. I didn't try to blend out thoroughly because I was afraid of getting soap on a stick.
3. This soap turned a dark tan after cure.

I may try this scent in CP soap with a one-color batch just because the aroma is so lovely. I'm only giving it three stars for CP soap. This scent is a 10 star for everything else!!
average rating 100%
Fantastic Scent! 11/12/2017
By Melanie Penrod
Unbelievably strong scent that lasts! Excellent scent throw. The spice in it is just right, not too heavy and not too light. You can truly pick up the apple and the berries in it. I strongly reccomend adding this to your fall line up or year round for that matter. I sold out first day on the small batch I made and had to order a big bottle. Thanks JustScent, for creating another masterpiece! My customers love this one!
average rating 100%
Amazing! 11/27/2020
By Jess
I was blown away with this scent! It's cozy, inviting and fresh. It's beyond amazing and sure to be a hit with everyone....young, old, male or female. This oil should be a staple in any candle or soapmakers aresanal; it is in mine now!! I would find it hard to believe that ANYONE could dislike this beautiful fragrance! The quality of Just Scent oils can't be beat!
average rating 100%
Great Scent! 09/20/2018
By Casandra
This truly could be a fall scent or year around , I bought a small bottle of this to do test batches and in the first day I sold out of everything that I had made ! You definitely pick up on all the notes , one does not overwhelm the other . My customers as well as I love this oil ....I'm so glad I took a chance and tried it out !
average rating 80%
Wonderful 10/28/2017
By Suz
Tried this for the first time this year in our para soy candles and it everyone loved it! Each time we have made it, the candles fly off the shelf!