We hope you love our version of this popular type!  When I first received this oil, I was apprehensive - blueberries and pumpkin?!  I was so wrong to doubt.  I would have never dreamed this combination would work!  This oil is the bomb!  Another surprising new favorite for me!  You will love this delicious autumn blend of fresh, farm picked blueberries and ripe pumpkins.  This is a super strong scent!  

  • Excellent in soy and safe for bath and body
  • 200 degree FP
  • PHTHALATE FREE - Vegan Friendly
  • 3.6% ET Vanillin - 4.2% Vanillin
  • No Prop 65 Warning

Tested in CP soap ~ 1oz ppo ~ mixing temp 100-110 ~ Blended nicely, No acceleration ~ No water discount ~ Dark brown discolor

  • FO that contain vanillin may discolor finished products.
  • SDS sheets contain vanillin range not specific content.
  • Not all FO are phthalate free; verify SDS sheet before purchase.

Fragrance Oils are sold by weight, not volume. Fill levels will vary. 

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1 lb $19.95
4 oz $10.95

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Average rating:
average rating 98%

ADD Your Review - Detailed reviews are more helpful. List the application used and how the product performed for you. | READ ALL REVIEWS


average rating 80%
Blueberry Pumpkin patch 09/30/2018
By Amanda
This smells so nice; sweet and tasty with just the right amount of pumpkin and sugar. But it definitely discolored my CP soap a not too appealing yellow-orange and it might have sped up trace a little as well. I'll probably get it again, but will definitely use different colors!
average rating 100%
Amazing!!! 10/06/2019
By Tonya
This is an amazing smelling fragrance oil! It has a very strong cold and hot throw in soy wax. Also it's performs well in my melt and pour soaps and scrubs. Smells AMAZING. PLEASE KEEP THIS ONE AROUND ITS AWESOME! Thanks just scent for such great smelling fragrance oils.
average rating 100%
Blueberry Pumpkin Patch 09/16/2019
By Annie
Love, love, love this, neither scent is overpowering but a beautiful blend of blueberry and pumpkin without all the spice. CP soaped like a dream although my soap did discolored to dark brown (like soap note said), I just used that to my advantage for swirling.
average rating 100%
Blueberry Pumpkin Patch 06/06/2018
By Sally
I love this Blueberry Pumpkin Patch fragrance oil and so do my customers! Has a great hot and cold scent throw in soy and soy/coconut wax candles. Last year is the first time I used it and and it has become a permanent in my line of candles.
average rating 100%
GREAT! 11/23/2013
By Hannah
Love this in my para soy blend! Great scent throw at 8% - wicked beautifully and burned like a dream! I didn't think I would like this oil, but I love it! So not what you think! Wonderful!