I SMELL SNOW Fragrance Oil - 1 LB

I SMELL SNOW Fragrance Oil - An amazing oil that captures all the smells of winter.  Hints of orange, mango and grapefruit with middle notes of cactus, fir balsam, pine and the clean crisp notes of eucalyptus infused with hints of cedar wood and amber.  I smell Snow!  An awesome fragrance oil; super strong and totally awesome!  A new spin on traditional winter fav's!  We get ya Lorelai!

  • Excellent in soy and safe for bath and body
  • 168 Degree FP
  • Vanillin Content - 0%
  • PHTHALATE FREE - Vegan Friendly

Tested in CP soap ~ 1oz ppo ~ mixing temp 100-110~No acceleration, No water discount, lt tan discolor.

  • FO that contain vanillin may discolor finished products.
  • SDS sheets contain vanillin range not specific content.
  • Not all FO are phthalate free; verify SDS sheet before purchase.

Fragrance Oils are sold by weight, not volume. Fill levels will vary. 

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1 lb $21.95
4 oz $12.95

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Average rating:
average rating 97%

ADD Your Review - Detailed reviews are more helpful. List the application used and how the product performed for you. | READ ALL REVIEWS


average rating 80%
Not Snow... 12/31/2017
By Pamela owner of Dragon Moon Creations
...it's pine. When I smelled it OOB, I was disappointed that it smelled like pine. However, I didn't want to judge too soon so I made a soy candle with it. Still smelled like pine. Let it cure, burned it, still smells like pine. Granted it's a soft pine but still pine. I don't smell any of the other fragrances it's supposed to have. If you like pine, this is for you. I guess you just can't get fresh, clean, crisp, cold air in a fragrance oil.
average rating 100%
Really Good! 06/21/2019
By Graham
Of course you smell pine. The middle notes and bottom notes are pine and pine related. In my humble opinion, I link in my brain pine and snow together. We get it! and we love this crazy strong scent. Can't say enough about this oil. It is super strong and has an amazing scent throw in 50-50 soy.
average rating 100%
Great outdoorsy kind of smell 04/03/2019
By Nicole M.
Iā€™m really impressed with this fragrance! Iā€™m not typically big on pine fragrances, but this one impressed me. You can smell the fruit and even a bit of coolness to it. Will definitely repurchase this one in a larger size!
average rating 100%
you have been gilmored! 10/12/2017
By Gilmore Girl Fan
This is exactly as I had pictured in my head to smell! Love the Gilmore Girls show and couldn't be happier with the scent! Excellent scent throw in soy candles and my para soy tarts! Perfect scent for the fall and winter!
average rating 100%
nice winter scent 07/28/2018
By rlg
I really like this oil. Not over powering on the pine and balsam, hints of clean snow and cool breeze, this will be in my winter lineup this year. I'm using JSVOT and parasoy wax, 3 day cure