Pumpkin Firewood Fragrance Oil - This oil is so awesome, I know I won't be able to describe it accurately.  It is truly unique.  It has a rugged quality but also a very smooth, sophisticated quality.  The top notes of roasted pumpkin, allspice and citron with middle notes of Guaiac wood, star anise and notes of Applewood, which gives it a totally different spin.  The bottom notes of Charred Firewood, Black Amber and Myrrh give it a depth that is just fabulous. It is warm and spicy but also "pretty" and sophisticated.  You simply must try this! 

  • Great in soy and safe for bath and body
  • 200 Degree FP
  • ET Vanillin - 1.5%
  • Vanillin Content - 2.2%
  • PHTHALATE FREE - Vegan Friendly

Tested in CP soap ~ 1oz ppo ~ mixing temp 100-110 ~ No blending issues ~ No water discount ~ Heated up in mold ~ Lt brown discolor.

  • FO that contain vanillin may discolor finished products.
  • SDS sheets contain vanillin range not specific content.
  • Not all FO are phthalate free; verify SDS sheet before purchase. 

FO sold by weight, not volume. Fill levels will vary. 

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1 lb $24.95
4 oz $12.95
1 oz Sample $3.50

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Average rating:
average rating 95%

ADD Your Review - Detailed reviews are more helpful. List the application used and how the product performed for you. | READ ALL REVIEWS


average rating 80%
Incredible in soap 08/14/2019
By Wendy S
This fragrance oil does accelerate in CP but man, is it worth it. This is such an incredibly good scent for soap and is a best seller every time I make it. I have added this to my regular fall release every year now. I soap at about 85-90 degrees with a quite a bit of water discount but with this I use just a small discount if any at cooler temps and don't stick blend more than necessary. I generally can do one color or layers are great too if you add the FO to each layer just before pouring. Just don't try to do swirls. Again, let me say how much it is worth working with because it is a fabulous scent with great sticking power.
average rating 100%
love this 06/25/2018
I've had this sample for awhile now and just got around to pouring it. I'm using parasoy wax for melts and this oil is very nice, not too bold, not too light. Cured for 1 week. Love the fragrance, outdoorsy, slight masculine, fall scent all rolled into one.
average rating 100%
New Fall Favorite 10/16/2019
By Andrea Manion
This scent performs excellent in soy wax. Strong scent throw. I have loved ALL of the scents I have purchased from Just Scent.
average rating 100%
amazing 09/30/2019
By mika
Great scent for Fall! Excellent throw and has great lasting power. a fav in our shop! everyone loves this scent!