UPDATE 5-8-20

We will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday 5-13 and 5-14
We have two large shipments arriving and we need a moment
to restock.  Orders placed during that time will ship the following

We appreciate your continued patience while we work thru all the 
changes.  We will still keep a closed warehouse to outsiders
and continue with no customer pick ups.  

We will not be able to ship sample orders same day until we have a
full staff.  We will still ship same day - Monday being harder to ship
same day with low staff.  

Thanks so much!

UPDATE 5-3-20
We appreciate your patience while we are learning to live thru this
pandemic.  We are down to 1/4 of our staff and we are doing all
we can to process all orders as quickly as possible.

We are shipping massive orders right now - with a lot less staff.
We have had to limit our sample sales as it slows down the shipping
process.  At this time, we will not guarantee same day shipping
for sample orders. This is temporary.  We hope to be able to re-stock
the samples again, later this week.

My staff is amazing and they have all worked crazy hours at twice
the speed and weekends to make sure shipping is not slowed too much.

Again, we thank you for your patience and your continued support!

Becky Jo

UPDATE 4-3-20:
As of today, there are no known cases in Jackson, Ohio.
Just to remind - we will not allow pick up orders during this crisis.  We have
closed our warehouse to the public.  Our deliveries and daily trucks
are stopped at the receiving dock.  Our employees are sanitizing everything,
many, many times throughout the day; we are still keeping a safe
assured distance from each other. 

Jackson, Ohio is a small town; if and when this terrible virus comes to our
town, I will not make my employees come to work.  Right now, we are at
less than half capacity and they are doing a great job; so far we have been
able to ship same day - even with a skeleton crew.  My crew is hardcore!
We will remain open for as long as our Government will allow or until the virus
hits our area.  We have implemented as many safety features for both you and
my employees as possible. 

I hope you all will continue to be understanding if we do have to close; we are
hopeful if this happens it will be for a short time.

       An update with Fed Ex and UPS - due to the Coronavirus crisis, they do not have delivery 
       guarantees at this time; we have not experienced many delays at all, but we just want you
       to be advised.  If you are in an lock down area, please be aware that if UPS/FedEx cannot deliver
       the packages in a certain number of days, they will returning packages to Just Scent and
       they will be charging return fees. Please visit their websites for full details on the current policies 
       and fees during this terrible time.  Please check the following links for info from UPS and FedEx

       If you are no longer at your business, please make sure you have changed your shipping
       address to your home address!

       God Bless you all - stay safe! 

UPDATE MARCH 30, 2020:
We are working as regularly scheduled except an earlier cut off time for same
day shipping.  As of today, Jackson, Ohio has no confirmed cases.  We have a
much smaller team to keep social distancing which slows us down a bit, but we
have still managed to get all orders shipped same day.

We are even releasing several new oils - I thought about holding them until
we have all recovered but I thought maybe this might brighten up your day and
help with the boredom of being stuck at home.

Everyone stay brave!  Stay well!  Send us emails and let us know what you are
working on - tell us how you are doing.  We genuinely care about all of you!
Take Care!

Becky Jo

UPDATE MARCH 28, 2020:

This could change at any time, but we will be shipping this week.
We urge you to order early rather than later.  We are working with a very small
skeleton crew and we cannot guarantee same day shipping right now.
During this crisis, we will have to change our cut off for same day shipping to
11:00 am Eastern time. Our trucks are arriving earlier, as most businesses
are closed. 

God Bless!  Stay Safe!

UPDATE MARCH 23, 2020:
The Governor of Ohio has mandated a STAY AT HOME ORDER.  Because we are a supplier for soap makers,
we are able to stay open a little longer than we initially thought.  However, we want to part of the solution
and not part of the problem.  We will finish this week and see what the weekend brings.  We will go day by
day if necessary.  We hope to ship thru Thursday, 3-26-20 at 12:30 PM Eastern Time.

We urge you to not wait until it's too late to stock up while we can still ship.  

As shown below, in our initial comments, we have taken the proper strides to safeguard our building and
our employees.  As well as many extra precautions for our customers.  At this time, there are no known cases
of the virus in Jackson County.
  Please be patient while we all work together; try to figure out a way to safely
move forward; get our customers stocked up; while 
not knowing exactly what to expect in the upcoming weeks.  

Please stop back and check to see any new shipping changes we might occur.

God Bless you all!  We thank you for your patience and your support!  Stay Safe!

Becky Jo